You Don't Know Jack is a movie that was shot by the video editors of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Al Wilbanks, Eric Immerman, and I were all video editors for Royal Caribbean, and all of us ended up in this movie. In a last minute decision, I was cast as Jack Cooly, a surfer looking for a way out of his life who runs into Quenton Furlow (played by Eric Immerman). Quenton pays Jack to pick up a package for him, and the fun begins.

        In the summer of '96, shooting began aboard the Majesty of the Seas, and after three weeks of shooting in Cozumel, Mexico, and Georgetown, Grand Cayman, production finally wrapped. The footage was edited on board the Majesty of the Seas by Allen, with some help from me, and aired to a private showing for the crew in the ship's movie theather. Allen was able to put together a great short that also features Felix Ravendo, Tony Pearsall, Ken Fisher, and Claus Hansen.

Hey Al if you're out there bud, give me a shout - Mike
Michael O'Connell
Jack Cooly
Eric Immerman
Quenton Furlow
Felix Ravendo
Tony Pearsall
Ken Fisher
Claus Hansen
Lucijan Miroliski
Mafia Leader
Maciej Zbroja
Mafia Gunman
Jacek Borkowski
Mafia Gunman
Al Wilbanks
Cruise Staff
Sean Halliday
Megaphone Man/
Cruise Staff
Al Wilbanks
Writer & Director
Michael O'Connell
Second Unit Director
Al Wilbanks
Michael O'Connell
First Assistant Editor
Al Wilbanks
Sound Editor
Lee Burns

Special Thanks to John Scully and the Majesty of the Seas Security.