Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle (2007)

Runaway 2 has that classic feel of an old school graphical adventure, with tripped-out puzzles and over-the-top characters, while using a hand drawn cartoon style that puts a lot of subtlety into each animation.

In this point-and-click adventure you play Brian, a sort of beach bum who has thrown his girlfriend off a plane, now searching for her across this Hawaiian island. It's populated with plenty of characters, and the dialog is hilarious. "Id love to catch some rays, but this is no time to get a tan," Brian says when you try to take the sun light coming through the trees; and the capote puppy that pisses yellow when you put whiskey in it is too classic.

I'm really impressed with how the characters are flushed out too. Conversations are fully vocalized, and some of the conversation trees are pretty long. Just listening to Lokelani go on was very arousing.

Most of puzzles require you to use inventory items in different and inventive ways, even combining items to create what is needed. There are also a few easy logic puzzles that are clued within character conversations, so make sure you listen closely.

This game does an amazing job of bringing that classic, smart-ass, adventure game back to the PC for us to poke and prod once more. They're always fun to play around with, and I haven't seen anything like this since Monkey Island. If you enjoy graphical adventures you have to check this one out, its style and sense of humor are truly original.