Natural Born Killers

Mom: Yes?
Mickey: Delivery for Ed Wilson.
Mom: What on earth is it?
Mickey: It's beef lady. Fifty pounds of beef.
Mom: Well you wait right here. I have to have a word with my husband.
Mallory: Who are you?
Mickey: I'm Mickey. Who are you?
Mallory: I'm Mallory.
Mickey: You oughta change your name to beautiful.
Audience: Aw
Mickey: You a big, meat eater, Mallory?
Mallory: I could be.
Mickey: Always dress like that, or you just ah, waitin' for me?
Mallory: Why'd I be dressed like this for somebody I don't know?
Mickey: Maybe something's inside you told you to too. You know, like Fate. You believe in fate, Mallory?
Mallory: Maybe..
Mickey: You don't look too happy. Wanna go for a ride?...Talk about it.
Mallory: (Laughs)

Mom: Ed, Look.
Kevin: What's it say?
Ed: "Out with the meat man. Back before dawn. Love Mallory."...Oh that stupid bitch.
Mom: Ed they stole your car.
Ed: My car? Oh that meatman cocksucker! I broke her in and he grab her. I'll fix his ass too, call the cops, come on!