Memorial Day. A day set aside to remember those who have fought and died in the wars our country has faced. A day to remember loved ones lost. In 1994, at a Concert Production put on by the students of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdales, I saw a video piece about Vietnam put together by Geoff Barns. Geoff came up with a narrative piece using Susan Pawella for Voice Over while showing still photos of Vietnam and the Wall. I wanted to got to Washington, D.C. to animate what I had seen at the show, and to see what else we could come up with. After arriving in Washington, D.C. from Fort Lauderdale, Geoff and I ate dinner. Then we decided that we should go out and see what we could find that night. The sun was setting as we left our hotel, and we went to Capitol Hill. There we found 10,000 people and a huge video production doing a dry run for tomorrow's shoot. This was the night before Memorial Day. Geoff and I were able to capture some footage that night with Geoff on sound while I ran the camera. We got lucky, and came back with the Jill Clayborn footage in the main video. That became the narrative for the video, and we spent the next two days shooting cutaways for the video.

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Veterans of Foreign Wars