Level 9

While Infocom was paving the way in America, other companies started popping up to cash in on the craze. One of the foremost companies in the U.K. was Level 9. A family ran company started by Peter Austin; their first game was a knock-off of Adventure for the BBC Micro Model B and the Sinclair Spectrum, with the games loaded by tape. The company went on to write a total of twenty interactive works, only surpassed by Infocom, and was known as “the undisputed kings of adventure games in the U.K.”

Magnetic Scrolls
Anita Sinclair and Ken Gordon founded Magnetic Scrolls in 1983, and they would take advantage of the emerging Atari ST and Amiga gaming platforms, while bringing the art of Geoff Quilley to interactive fiction. Some of the biggest selling points, besides the advanced text parser, engrossing story and exquisite packaging, were the high resolution graphics that functioned “more like illustrations than exact pictures of a room or scene.” But due to declining market for text adventures in the early 90s, the company only relased seven games.