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Mike Dornbrook: You know when we were making them, initially, we often talked about the fact that this... this is a genre that could last for centuries. You know we look at... we would compare it to the book! And say, well, you know, yes technology has changed, and there, you know, phonographs came along and radios and televisions and all these other technologies, but, you know the book is still the book and it still sells. Just because other kinds of games are possible or fancy graphics are possible or whatever doesn’t mean there’s no room for a text adventure. So we were fairly convinced that is... that was a genre that could continue. You know I, honestly, I think, we might have been kidding ourselves in terms of being, you know, big enough to sustain, you know a company. But obviously it’s continued in terms of hobbyist doing it.

Monte Schulz: Art forms are never replaced, they’re never replaced, they’re just added to.

Monte Schulz: To say text adventure games are dead is like, the same kind of people who say, right; books are dead, right, because movies are so much more popular. Ah, it makes no sense.

Marc Blank: You know ‘cause I’ve been away from it for, you know, for so many years, I... I really didn’t know until a few years ago how much of this was still around.

Marc Blank: I’m pretty dumbfounded actually.