Monday, December 30th, 2013
posted 3:01pm
"Komplete 9 Ultimate"
Back in May I ended up getting Ableton Live 9, a professional DAW thatís Iíve been using to write all sorts of music. Iíve also picked up some soft synths like Massive and Reaktor 5, both put out by Native Instruments. Theyíre a company that makes a lot of soft synths, but they have a package that includes just about everything they sell: Komplete 9 Ultimate. 65 Instruments and Effects and 16,000 sounds with 370 GB of samples. Well because I bought Reaktor 5 on sale, I qualify for the Crossgrade version of Ultimate, and then the company ran a 50% off sale for Thanksgiving that I couldnít pass up. Now I sit with my box slowly warming up, patently waiting for the 3 hour install with another 2 hours of patching. I canít complain, Iíve been waiting for this package for seven months and I thought Iíd never have it.

This is awesome - D

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