Friday, November 29th, 2013
posted 8:49pm
"Lords of Waterdeep"
Last week Lords of Waterdeep hit the app store. It looked cool, being D&D and all, but I didnít know much about the game, or if I would like it or not. Then I tried looking up some YouTube footage, to see how it plays, and I ran across Will Wheaton playing the tabletop version with a few people. After watching that I was hooked, the game looked pretty cool, and I downloaded it to my iPad. This game is awesome, like some advanced form of chess, with opponents that are smart, screwing you over with mandatory quests. Itís a worker placement games, where you pick up resources from the map. Things like adventures, quests, or money. You can build structors that give more resources too, and can change the way you play.

This game is hard, and Iíve only beaten it a few times. The AI is smart on easy, it must be brutal on hard. But itís a great challenge. Even though I loose, I still find myself going back for more. Itís a really fun game.

- D

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