Wednesday, October 30th, 2013
posted 9:34pm
Today SimCity dropped patch 8.0, in advance to their new expansion pack Cities of Tomorrow. The patch has a bunch of updates, like fixing the Great Works bug, and also comes with four new maps. Cities of Tomorrow takes the city simulator into the future, by updating the graphics and adding a whole new range of features like fusion power, or the new industry product Omega. They did this sort of thing with the original SimCity back in the late 80s for the Amiga, allowing for a future, western, and moonbase tilesets. I ended up playing late one night working on this future city when I was in California, tripping balls, and all the bright colors where such a trip.

Sim City 1989

Now things are tamer, but itís great to see a company 25 years later keeping their I.P. going. A lot of I.P.s have died over the years, some to be brought back as only shadows of their former selves. But Maxis has stuck with it, and their new 3D engine looks awesome. I canít wait for the new expansion. Thereís some cool stuff in it.

- D

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