Wednesday, July 31th, 2013
posted 8:43pm
"Shadowrun Returns"
Last week Shadowrun Returns came out for the PC. It was a Kickstarted project that I backed, and Iím happy to say it was well worth the investment. It seems like itís more story than game, which might be a problem for some other gamers, but after experiencing Shadowrun mostly from the books, itís great to play a game that has a real story to it.

The campaign that came with the game is pretty short, 10 - 18 hours, but the game comes with itís own editor and people are already starting to put stuff up on Steamís Workshop. A lot of the titles are just starting off, with only a few rooms and some encounters, but give it until the Berlin campaign comes out and Iím sure youíll see lots of stuff up there. Iím even tempted to try my own, but I just donít have the time.

Who knows? Maybe down the road when the documentation is a little more flushed out Iíll give it a try.

íTil then - D

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