Sunday, June 30th, 2013
posted 12:09pm
Last month I got an iPad for my birthday. Itís an older generation one, but it still seems to run everything. Theyíre pretty neat devices. Itís an all touch interface, so using it is a trip. Way different than keyboard, mouse. I ended up down loading Frotz on it. Frotz is an interactive fiction interpreter that has be ported to just about every platform out there. It will run z-code files, which is what all the Infocom games were written in. And it will run anything that comes out of Inform, which complies down to z-code.

After booting up Frotz on the iPad, I ended up downloading Across The Stars and started playing around with that. It didnít take long for me to want to play the second installment of ATS on my new iPad, but itís not done. And not on the archive. So Iíve finally gone back and started the rewrite. Itís hard, some stuff I can see needs to be changed, other stuff I just donít know about. And writing IF is very different than anything else. Itís been a challenge.

But Iím having fun going through it again, there is some stuff buried in there that people will never find, but thatís how I program. I put all sorts of stuff in there. Pretty funny to read through some of it. And it will be great to play through the game on my iPad. Now I just have to get the game finished and on the archive.

íTil then - D

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