Wednesday, May 29th, 2013
posted 11:14pm
Last week I ran across Skrillex while surfing through some videos for the band. I was looking for some ideas for our next vid when I came across this guy, and Iím blown away. He creates some of the sickest sounds Iíve heard before, and his licks are catchy. Itís also strange how Ray Manzarek died recently, and the last thing he recorded was with this guy. The video of the whole thing is here. Kind of strange how it all comes around.

So I picked up Ableton Live and a new synth, and Iím starting to learn this stuff. Itís almost like programming. You donít start writing some huge program, with 10,000 lines of code, along with a database backend. You start with ďHello WorldĒ.

- D

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