Tuesday, January 29th, 2013
posted 10:27pm
Well lately my evenings have been consumed by Funcom. Last month Funcom took away the subscription for The Secret World, making the game buy to play. It’s a funding model a lot like Guild Wars 2, and the game scared people off after the first month and the subscription came up. According to Funcom’s site The Secret World population is up 400% because of the change. They’re also starting to release mission packs that are going to come out once a month and sell them for five to ten dollars.

Then a few of us in Vent decided to go back to Age of Conan, another Funcom game. We’ve been leveling in it as a party. It’s been ok, kind of hard to do things when you have two leaders, but we’ve been managing. Hopefully Age of Conan will take off for us and we’ll be able to start doing some instances. I always enjoyed that about W.O.W. Getting a group of people together and working together to down a boss that you could never do by yourself. Of course back in the W.O.W. days it took 25 to 40 of us to do it, but in Age of Conan we can at least get together with six.

- D

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