Monday, December 31th, 2012
posted 5:48pm
"Merry Christmas"
It was a nice Christmas even though things ended messed up. My Grandmother up north broke her hip, and my parents needed to go help the Grandparents, so they came up early. We ended up celebrating at my brothers on the evening of the 23rd and we had a great time. We exchanged gifts, and I got a lot of books that night. Dungeon & Dreamers, Linked, Bursts, Priming The Pump, Insanely Great, and Kurt Vonnegutís Player Piano. I also got some movies like Steve Jobs the Lost Interviews.

I also went over to my Auntís house and celebrated Christmas Eve with my Auntís and Uncles and Grandmother. It was good to see everybody. The kids are really growing up. I also caught a cold, and Iím trying to shake that. But on Christmas I had a few gifts to open from my Mom and ended up getting The Thing (2011), Paul, Total Recall, and Battlestar Galacticaís 4th Season.

- D

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