Friday, November 30th, 2012
posted 7:08pm
"Mech Fever"
It looks like a couple of Mech games are coming out. Iíve been in MechWarrior Onlineís beta for a few months now, but thereís another first-person-mech shooter coming out. Hawken is an indie game by Meteor Entertainment that looks awesome. Itís going to be free to play just like MWO, and they seem to be running a founders program just like them too. I signed up for beta today, but it goes open beta on 12/12/12 so it wonít be long before Iím in the game. These free to play models are interesting, and I hope these guys can make some money and keep them open. Iíve been in MWO for a while, and itís a blast to play. They keep coming out with new mechs and new maps, and they're following the BattleTech timeline. Clan stuff should be dropping sometime during next summer. I canít wait. Clan Mechs are supposed to be really over powered.

Hawken Screenshot

Hopefully Hawken can live up to this. The screenshots look great, but theyíll have to continue to put out better Mechs along with new maps to compete. Iíd like to hop into it and see what they have to offer, get a chance to play around with their Mech bays and configurations. The 12th isnít really that far off.

- D

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