Sunday, September 16th, 2012
posted 8:53pm
"Find Your Own Truth"
This weekend I had a chance to finish up Find Your Own Truth, the last in a trilogy that came out for Shadowrun back in the early 90s. And the final book tied up everything pretty well, I can even see why thereís nothing else written about Samuel Verner after this set. I also liked how they stepped out of Seattle and took the characters to Denver, with Sam exploring his Shaman powers as an old North-American Indian guides him.

It seems that Robert Charrette wrote a few other books in the series, like Never Trust An Elf, the sixth book, or Just Compensation, number 19. There are a lot of Shadowrun books out there and Iíd like to get through a few more. Iíve already picked up Never Trust An Elf, and hopefully it will be here next week.

It also feels good to be getting through these trilogies. Thereís a lot of them out there, I just finished up The Foundation trilogy not long ago, and Iíve already gotten through the Sprawl trilogy by Gibson. And itís so worth taking the time to experience them, I donít know why I waited so long. Now we just need Clive Barker to finish The Art trilogy. That will be another great one to complete.

- D

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