Thursday, July 26th, 2012
posted 8:46pm
"Way of the Peaceful Warrior"
When I was in the military, and living in Lemoore, I was exposed to a lot of metaphysical things. Crystals, Creative Visualization, even the Bhagavad Gita and the I Ching. Back then we were soul searching, and the middle of the desert seemed like the right place. I even remember someone suggesting that I read Way of the Peaceful Warrior, but at the time it didnít speak to me. I was a warrior, I was a Marine, but I was anything but peaceful. Then, interestingly enough, I ran across this book last month when I was looking for something in philosophy.

Iíve read Socrates Cafe a few years, Iíd love to find another book like that, so I was doing a search on Amazon for Socrates when this book came up. I remembered it from years ago, and after reading a little of it on Amazon I felt that I should get it. I even found an old copy, with the cover I remember from the 80s. When it got here I could hardly put it down. Itís a short book, only 210 pages, but itís a great read that speaks to me at this point in my life. Iím still soul searching, even though I found a lot of answer through life, but this book put into words a few ideas that eluded me over the years. Itís entertaining, but is filled with a lot of stuff to chew on. I even know now that I should change my diet, but Iím not ready to go that far right now. But I did pick up a book on meditation.

Itís a quick read that will make you think about your life, always a good reason to read a book. I canít recommend it enough.

- D

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Tuesday, July 17th, 2012
posted 9:23pm
"Second Foundation"
I finally finished Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov, completing the Foundation Trilogy, but I donít feel any closer to being able to rewrite Across The Stars: The Forgotten Colony. I guess Iím just going to have to sit down an do it. Asimovís work is great, but as he said himself, most of it is dialog. People going on at great length. Donít get me wrong, I loved the entire trilogy, and Iíll have to pick up the other books about the Foundation, but in interactive fiction you donít have conversations that go back and forth like that, and there are only a few characters that pop up anyway.

All things in time I guess, I canít loose sight of the prize - D

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