Monday, June 25th, 2012
posted 9:17pm
"Foundation and Empire"
Not being able to put down Asimovís book, I finished Foundation and Empire. It was a good read, but not as good as Foundation. It just didnít have enough meat on the bone. I didnít find the characters as interesting as the first book, but they did grow on me after awhile. And the ending really blew me away. I liked how it built up.

Now thereís just the Second Foundation, which Iím almost half way through, and Iíll be sad when itís over. The Trilogy was made for me, and I donít know that there is anything that can compare. But at least there are two prequels and another two more that come after. Seven books in total. So I might be able to get my fill of Asimov after all.

- D

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Thursday, June 14th, 2012
posted 10:56pm
"The Digital Divide"
The Digital Divide is a collection of essays and excerpts edited by Mark Bauerlein. It doesnít take sides in the debate over our new digital culture, and clearly shows thatís thereís a difference between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants. The Digital Natives embrace this technology, but it looks like theyíre loosing something in the process. With all this connectedness, with kids sending 300 instant messages a day, the first thing theyíll loose is solitude. Time for reflection, time for deep-thinking. They say weíre reading more in this digital age, but are we? Weíve learned to skim the surface, pick out facts and move on. Weíve bought into the idea of personal happiness, that no one should be alone, that weíre all connected. Itís only that way if you buy in.

Another interesting fact that I ran across is our brains are designed for an interrupt-driven world, which is a survival technique. We needed to see the panther in the trees before he jumped us. And because of this, we think weíre good at multi-tasking. But weíre not. Studyís find that interruptions take time to get back on task, especially for complex ones. Itís estimated that 2.1 hours a day is wasted by interruptions, at the cost of $588 billion a year.

The book also shows the other side as well, some of the benefits of the digital technology. But I guess I would be called a Luddite. I see it stripping away our culture and dumbing down our kids. But make a choice for yourself. Itís a good read.

- D

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