Monday, March 20th, 2012
posted 9:41pm
"Steve Jobs"
Well I finally finished Steve Jobsís Autobiography. Written by Walter Isaacson, itís a quick ride that breezes over Jobsís life, never going as deep as I would like, but giving a good impression of who the man was. The book is a bit more detailed towards the end than the beginning, as most of those details have been lost to time. But other books, written back in the 80s help fill in those gaps. This book focuses more on his life, and what motivated him, rather than all the details that brought about the creation of Apple.

Itís a longer read, it took me about three months to get through, coming in around 600 pages. But Iím proud of myself for sticking to it, itís insightful. It gives you reason to never settle, and to push yourself to achieve your dharma. He made an impact on the world, and is a lesson of someone who knew no bounds.

May Apple be true to his legacy - D

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