Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
posted 7:03pm
"Double Fine Adventure"
Another month gone. Damn. But at least we’re closer to spring, and it’s been a mild winter. The most interesting thing I ran across this month has to be the news coming out of Double Fine Productions. Tim Schafer runs the place over there, and he’s known for a number of classic adventure games. He worked on Secret of Monkey Island, Full Throttle, and Grim Fandango just for a start. He worked on a lot of the point-n-click graphic adventures that came out of Lucas Arts.

Now over at Double Fine he’s raising money through KickStarter for another point-n-click adventure. He’s asking for $400,000 and has raise almost $2.3 million. And it’s still going! They’re also shooting a documentary of the making of the game. 2PlayProductions has already released a few videos for this project, and there’s one of Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert talking about adventure games, why they’re not as popular, and all sorts of stuff related to this project. And it looks like things are starting off on the right foot with them raising the extra money.

I hope things do go well, and those guys prove the publishers wrong by bringing back a genre that everybody said was dead. Ask TellTale if it’s dead. Back to the Future turned out to be a great game, and the company is going as strong as ever.

Good Luck, Double Fine - D

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