Monday, November 28th, 2011
posted 7:59pm
"Wasteland To Hit iPhone"
According to this link, a number of games from Interplay are being ported to the iPhone. Wasteland, Neuromancer and The Bardís Tale are all suppose to make it to the hand-held touch-based device. Two of my favorite games, amazing. And when The Bardís Tale comes out, Iíll probably get it. I also found a link this week with Brian Fargo talking about Wasteland and other games he helped create at Interplay. The most interesting thing I think he said, had to be that Wasteland took 5 years to make. I knew it was big, but after hearing it took so long for a company as large as Interplay to make, it kind of warms me inside. I thought that it was a simple game with simple graphics, and it shouldnít be too hard to put together. But it really is big and ambitious, and I can feel his pain when he says it took 5 years to complete. Iíve taken on colossal projects myself.

- D

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