Friday, August 19th, 2011
posted 10:07pm
"Choose Your Enemies Carefully"
I just got done reading the second book in the Secrets of Power series: Choose Your Enemies Carefully. I had a chance to finish the first book back in November, and after reading Never Deal with a Dragon I started checking out some reviews. This is probably something you should never do for a book you havenít read, and I came across one review that talked about the second book saying that it wasnít as good as the first.

The first book was great, creating the backdrop of a cyber world gone wrong. So I went into reading this thinking it wouldnít live up, and by the end of the first act it started to drag and I almost lost interest. But I picked it up last month and started to push through. The second act really started to up the ante, and by the end the shit had really hit the fan. Whoever said that this book wasnít as good didnít know what they were talking about. It might not have as much running around in the Matrix, but the Hidden-Circle of Druids that needed to be taken down sets up a story that explodes off the page.

Choose Your Enemies Carefully is an excellent sequel that explores more of Shadowrun, giving you a view of the London sprawl as Samuel Verner struggles with his Shamanic instincts. Dodger is by his side running a cyberdeck, and Hart enters the fray with questionable motives. Itís a solid book that builds on the first, and sets up the third.

Iím looking forward to that read - D

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