Saturday, April 23th, 2011
posted 4:01pm
"Spring Thing"
At the beginning of the month, the Spring Thing competition started for IF. All of the games are Inform 7, which is interesting. Last year, no games came out for the competition, but Iím sure several were entered. That always happens, games get held back for a number of reasons. I even held back Across The Stars, and Iím glad I did. And since Inform 7 is easier to program, itís starting to dominate competitions, giving us six new games this year. Spring Thing hasnít seen that many since 2005. Itís great to see this much interest.

There are even a few named authors like Michael Gentry, Adam Thornton, and Sean Huxter; though Adam Thornton can be offensive, and Michael Gentryís new work is geared towards kids, since he wrote it for his own children. The competition ends May 15th, but with only six games thereís still enough time to play through them.

Spring Thing is a competition for longer games, and if you want to vote on them make sure to play through all the games. But if you find a bad one, at least you donít have to finish it. :)

Enjoy the games - D

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Saturday, April 2nd, 2011
posted 5:34pm
Armageddon, The End, Apocalypse. These are ideas and concepts that people have been dwelling on for a long time, and theyíre comforting for the believer and non-believer alike. The idea that the end is coming, and that itís coming soon, is their ticket out of here from a life of struggle and misery. Life is hard, itís unfair, and it sucks. People shit on one another even more now a days, and everybody is pissing in everybody elseís soup. In a world that is turning shittier by the day, it gives one hope to think that it will end.

The sad truth here is, itís just mental construct. An idea that weíve been throwing around for over two thousand years, and tomorrow youíre still going to have to get back to the grind, putting up with other peoples crap just to get through the day.

The sad truth here is, this isnít ending. Men in power like to stay in power.

- D

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