Sunday, February 20th, 2011
posted 3:12pm
"You Tube Channel"
Lately Iíve been doing a bit of video work, finally culminating in a YouTube Channel for the Vagabonds. We have another two videos up there now from the L.A. Guns show, so itís starting to grow. Once it warms up around here weíll be going into production on the next music video, plus weíll be playing out by the end of next month so there should be more live videos on the way too.

The band has been writing a lot of music, so far we have another seven songs for the next album, and the whole thing is starting to sound better than the first one. But all musicians think their latest stuff is the best, but at that point theyíre the most experienced to date. Music has a way of always evolving you, keeping you on that cutting edge of creation, always trying to push you a little further.

And thatís what weíve been doing down in the cold depths of Darrellís basement; grinding away upon the Forge of Metal, creating tunes that will rock your soul. But thatís what itís about, balls-out rock thatís not holding back. And by the time spring rolls around we might even have another screaming record, something that we can lay down in the scorching hell of summer. That should be a fun time.

- D

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