Friday, January 21th, 2011
posted 10:48pm
"Motor City Vagabonds"
Last night we opened for L.A. Guns. Well, one of five bands to open for them. Wow, what a show. There were 6 drum sets on stage, 6 bass rigs; Iíd say 10 guitar amps, and everybody setting up at the same time because we all got there late due to bad weather. Lol. Funny shit. But we played an awesome show. The monitor mix was great, I could really lock into Joeís vocals, and the backups were pretty loud and blended really well. Best sounding backups Iíve had playing with these guys. And Iím getting pretty use to the set by now, it was easy to play through. Had to cut a few tunes due to so many bands, but we still managed to get through 8 out of 11. Most bands only got in 5. Thatís punchy and tight for you. Our photographer came out to the show and shot some video, so in the next week or so Iíll have that converted and uploaded to YouTube.

And now things get rolling. We have to start making plans for the next video; it will probably have to be shot in spring. Once we have the location taken care of, still trying to decided on which bar, weíre going to have to find someone to play the part of the Pyschoholic Baby. Darrell found one chick online that might work; I think I might know where we can get a few more if we need to. I canít wait to shoot that one.

Rock on - D

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Sunday, January 9th, 2011
posted 11:07pm
"Motor City Vagabonds"
Well Friday night was a hell of a night. The Motor City Vagabonds played their first gig at The Hayloft in Mt. Clemens. We played a tight show, and it was a blast to hear the crowd cheer back at our songs. Our photographer even had a chance to shoot one of our new songs: Drinking. Now it looks like weíre opening for L.A. Guns on the 20th at the Emerald Theatre. Big place, probably holds about 1k to 1,500 people. It's gonna be awesome.

Enjoy the New Year - D

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