Wednesday, October 27, 2010
posted 8:27pm
"It's Real"
Well the band liked what I showed them. I hope so. I put ten days into it, really trying to do some cool stuff. Itís been on YouTube for while and itís gotten a decent amount of hits, but the exciting thing is that weíve taken some pictures for the website and thatís about to go up pretty soon. The album is already up on iTunes.

So things are starting to move along for the band. Weíd like to get another photoshoot in before to site goes up, and weíre already making plans to shoot Psychoholic Baby. It should be another fun video that takes place in two locations this time, a bar with the band playing in a backroom.

Rock out bitchs - D

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Saturday, October 2nd, 2010
posted 8:06pm
"16th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition"
Wow, October 2nd. These days are just flying by, but thatís probably because we just shot a music video for the first track on our album, a song called "Itís Real." It took me ten days to cut together, and I think that it pops. But Iím showing it to the band tomorrow to get their reaction, so weíll see how it goes.

And then thereís the IF Comp, releasing another 26 games this year, a lot of them written in Inform 7, and as usual I plan on playing through all the games and posting my reviews under the IF section here on the site. And I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised with the first game, it turned out to be great, really fun too, so Iím hoping that the bulk of the rest play out on this level. Iím not going to post reviews until the competition is over, and Iím also keeping all the transcripts that I generate in case any of the authors want them.

So yeah, things are a little crazy, I donít have much time to do anything right now, what with finishing the video and playing through the competition. But when Iím done with each, the site will have a few more things to present. The video alone will put the count up to 30.

Check out the comp - D

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